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Easy Tips for Remembering Your Keys

While you are probably visiting our website because you are locked out, we would like to provide a few tips for avoiding future lockouts. It’s all about making a conscious effort to remember your keys. So many of us stash our keys on the first available surface, or place them in the nearest pocket. Such random behaviour can lead to lockouts. Always make a conscious decision to keep track of your keys. When you exit your car or home, really think about your keys and where you are placing them. If you make the decision to pay attention, you will remember where you left your keys. Tap your pocket before you shut your door, and listen for the jingle of your keys. Get into this habit.

Positive Habits

There are some positive habits that you can get into to help you remember your keys. The most important habit is to always put your keys in the same place at home, on your person, or at work. Don’t just absentmindedly fling them on the coffee table, but rather reserve a hook for them next to your door. Don’t stuff them into a shallow pocket, from which the keys could fall. Always carry your keys in the same place on your person, whether it be a deep left or right pocket, or in your purse. Attaching your keys to a belt loop or purse strap is not recommended. You want to keep your keys in a secure location at all times.

Liberty Locksmith Services is here for you if you ever lose track of your keys. For more information or to request our services, give us a call today.

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